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A Twin Peaks Insurance Blog: future rv

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The Yacht-inspired Caravisio camper concept

The Caravisio concept at the 2013 Dusseldorf Caravan Salon

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According to C.C. Weiss, "...German manufacturer Knaus Tabbert decided to rethink camper design, creating what it calls "the caravan of the future." The Caravisio design study draws its inspiration from the water as well as the future, pulling some yacht-like elements onto the streets.  More than just a single manufacturer's idea, the Caravisio represents two years' worth of collaboration between more than 20 different companies and industry experts. It therefore reflects a collective prognostication of what the future camper might look like."

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"...Unlike the tractor trailer-like boxes that the terms "camper" and "caravan" may make you think of, the Carivisio's shell design was put through intense wind tunnel testing to create superior aerodynamic performance. The pointed front-end is possible because of a unique V-shaped bed design inside. From there, side skirts, tapered C pillars and a rear spoiler help the Caravisio slice through the oncoming wind..."

What are some of the futureistic features?

  • The rear of the interior opens up to a fold-out deck.
  • A remote controlled deck roof offers protection from the sun and lowers for driving, protecting the dual pedelec bicycles stored in back from the elements. 
  • An integrated induction charging system charges the bikes' batteries while they're in tow.
  • The furniture can quickly be rearranged into a functional work station with supportive, ergonomic seating. 
  • Both the interior and exterior equipment and settings are controlled via a smartphone app. 
  • The app can adjust the air suspension to lower the caravan body to ground level for loading. 
  • The app can also alter the appearance of the rear doors from clear to frosted. 
  • A finger scanner locks and unlocks the Caravisio's doors.

"Knaus Tabbert says explicitly that "the caravan does not claim to be reproducible nor to be suitable for series production," so it appears this design study has no production future."

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